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POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING: It’s a collaboration of Jonathan Singleton, Bruce Wallace, Ted Jones and Sergio Webb. Great collection of songs in the spirit of the Travelling Wilbury’s, the Highway Men, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The idea for collaborating in the studio grew from the mutual respect for the life and work of each person involved in the project.

POET, SOLDIER, WISE MAN, KING is a Jungian concept that suggests there are four major characteristics of personality in an individual. For example, the Poet reflects sensitivity, the Soldier; decisiveness, the Wise Man; wisdom and experience. Jung’s understanding of the King emphasized his role servant of the people. As one grows into maturity, knowing which aspect is most appropriate to call upon becomes part of the response process in day to day life situations.

In her book, Natural Spirituality, Joyce Rockwood Hudson develops an excellent thesis on the Poet, Soldier, Wise Man, King using John, Paul, George, and Ringo of the Beatles to illustrate how this theme plays out in the indiviudal and in the world as a whole. (highly reccomend).

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