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01. Navajo

02. So Sad

03. Meadowlark

04. Burqa

05. Rumour Creek

“PIECE OF PIE” fresh from the OVEN! Collection of songs I have written or co-written over the last few years with the exception being penned by my good friend, the late Ron Davies. The last three tracks were recorded live from Nashville at NORM’S RIVER ROAD HOUSE. Unfortunately, Norm’s was washed away in the May 2010 flood. Help yourself, have a PIECE OF PIE. Find it here:


01. Hoedown
02. A Better Place To Be
03. Rain
04. The Yielding
05. Crane’s Nest
06. The Drake
07. Amsterdam
08. Black and Green
09. Ford Truck
10. Winnemucca (Slight Return)
11. Covington Girl
12. Something For You (LIVE)
13. In The Time (LIVE)
14. Waitin’ On A Dark-Eyed Gal (LIVE)

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