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Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2014 by Sergio Webb

(Video by Stacie Huckeba – SERGIO WEBB performs “IN THE TIME” Live at Norm’s River Road House in Nashville, TN (November 6th, 2009). “IN THE TIME” is off Sergio’s “BOLIVAR BLUES” album available on iTunes!
“Sergio Webb has been an underrated journeyman musician for hire for years. He has toured the UK accompanying Pinto Bennett, David Olney, Gail Davies and many others and works tirelessly from his Nashville base on call to those singers who possess musical integrity—in short the guys something of a maverick—so dont expect to see him on stage accompanying the likes of Faith, Taylor or Carrie. BOLIVAR BLUES was recorded in the small, boutique Little Chickadee Studio in Nashville and Sergio—who plays guitar, banjo and ukulele—is accompanied by Welsh-born Rob Price (bass, percussion, harmony vocals), Bruce Baxter (accordion), Teddy Jones (fiddle), David Olney (harmonica), Fran Breen (drums, percussion), Chris Scruggs (steel) and Gail Davies (harmony vocals)”. ~ Maverick Magazine Read More Here: