Sergio Webb has been an underrated journeyman musician for hire for years. He has toured the UK accompanying Pinto Bennett, David Olney, Gail Davies and many others and works tirelessly from his Nashville base on call to those singers who possess musical integrity—in short the guy’s something of a ‘maverick’—so don’t expect to see him on stage accompanying the likes of Faith, Taylor or Carrie. BOLIVAR BLUES was recorded in the small, boutique Little Chickadee Studio in Nashville and Sergio—who plays guitar, banjo and ukulele—is accompanied by Welsh-born Rob Price (bass, percussion, harmony vocals), Bruce Baxter (accordion), Teddy Jones (fiddle), David Olney (harmonica), Fran Breen (drums, percussion), Chris Scruggs (steel) and Gail Davies (harmony vocals). Read More…http://tinyurl.com/yhqw35o
~Maverick Magazine


12 Responses to “About”

  1. Right on! Wicked video!

  2. Sergio is true Guitar Hero! Love the new record “Bolivar Blues” and the artwork too!

  3. Hallo sergio,

    Hope you remember me from Bluesweek in Mettmann Germany. We had a beer with your friend Richard Dobson in the Hotel after the show. I would just like to thank you for the gift of your CD Bolivar Blues and Poet Soldier
    two very fine Cds that deserve to go all the way. It was nice to find we had friends in commen Fran Breen & Philp Donnlly don’t forget to say hallo from me. In the early seventies Fran used to play with a blues shooter called Red Peters and I was the Harmonica player.Check out my home page to see my projects. Like yourself I am also a Singer/ Songwriter maybe not so country,
    but after hearing your music you never no ha ha. In a couple of months I’ll be bringing out my new Acoustic CD, if you Email me an Address where I can send you a copy.That’s all for now and I hope we could get together some time for a jam session.

    Take Care


    • Matt,
      Sorry for the delay in writing. Fran Breen says hello. Great to meet you. You are an inspiring guy! please keep in touch.

  4. Very cool to see you Sergio. Someday I’m gonna walk right in that house and listen to some sweet music. Pete

  5. mark gerking Says:

    Very cool! How’d I miss this?

  6. Sergio! MORE than a piece of pie arrived today,….what a treat !!and thankyou for “extra helpings”, love dat pie!,,,,,,I am gettin’ old for I forgot it was ordered, and it arrived like a sentinel there in my mail box, perched between the glossy diatribic mudslinging slick adverts of groveling candidates, ..the so called politicians…………….I have not yet listened tho I sure wanted to –just a note to say thanks kindly–I will leave a review yon and hither, after my ears get a good immersion.
    🙂 Sincerely, Laurie

  7. […] Irwin, Jim Hoke’s smoky saxophone, and some very impressive finger-picking from guitar maestroSergio Webb (who, by the way, is an impessive artist well worth checking out) provide just the right […]

  8. […] Sergio Webb will perform as sideman to both artists, so we’re really going to wear him […]

  9. […] if you’ve ever had the opportunity to see this guy play… it’s something special. Sergio Webb is not only one amazing artist but I have to say he is one of THE coolest cats I’ve ever had […]

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  11. I’d seen your Deuce and a Quarter performance with Kevin Gordon and was wondering who the guitar player was. Stumbled across your performance at McCabe’ s with David Olney and now I know!
    Love your playing man!

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